13/09/2019 11 Tips for Increasing School Enrolment.

11 Tips for Increasing School Enrolment.

It’s the new academic year, currently the burning issue for most school owners and administrator is about increasing school enrolment. The Nigerian private school industry is highly competitive and saturated. How does a school start out and attract its target parents/children? “Business has only two functions – Marketing and Innovation” (Peter Drucker)

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30/08/2019 Back to School Prayers for Mums

Back to School Prayers for Mums

Have you seen the memes that say ”My mother’s prayer keeps me going’‘? ”I come from a prayerful black woman; I can never fail “? They appear like ordinary memes, but they reflect the importance of mother’s prayers on their children. For we adults, some of the grace we enjoy today were all a result […]

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26/07/2019 Summer chores

School’s Out: 7 Ways to Motivate your Child to Do Chores this Summer.

Beyond the fun this summer lies the opportunity for making your kids develop some sense of responsibility. Vacation is good, summer camp is fun and while it’s nice to expose your kids to a variety of experience as they enjoy over 6 weeks off from serious schoolwork, summer can also provide the opportunity for kids […]

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