10 Ways To Promote Reading In Your School

10 Ways To Promote Reading In Your School

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“It is not an accident that successful people read more books” – Seth Godin

Two of the richest men in the world Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates read books. Bill Gates read 50 books. It is really not an accident that successful people read, they all have this in common.

Reading books increases children’s knowledge, vocabulary, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Every school needs to promote the culture of reading books.

Here are 10 Ways to promote reading in your school:

  1. Create literacy-rich environments in every classroom: Every classroom should have a reading corner with a shell full of enticing and motivating books, reading materials to create a friendly learning environment. These encourage children to read at every free opportunity (early time in school, after closing but waiting to be picked up, etc.) they have even without going to the library.
  2. Make your library an accessible place: Ensure your school library is well stocked with good books, it is a fun and relaxing place to read.
  3. Incorporate literacy into your assemblies and morning announcements: Get students to listen to poems, quotes, a segment from a book, reading headlines from newspapers, reading their favorite section in their choice of book. This creates a sense of reading wide in students showing them the fun of wordplay.
  4. Have dedicated time for reading: There should be dedicated time for every class where children pick a book of their choice to read either independently or read aloud to the class or form a circle to read and share what the book talks about or have a quiz on each book read.
  5. Organize reading challenge: Set a target for every student to read a stated number of books in a term or year. Students with the highest no of books from each class get a gift.  This spice up literature in children and give them an incentive to open a book.
  6. Implement book clubs in your school: Organising book clubs are a perfect way to foster connectivity around books and reading. Book clubs could be during school hours, after school hours, or a weekend set aside for reading.
  7. Host a young author read-aloud: Get authors especially children book authors to come at periodic times to read a section of their books to the children. It’s also a powerful exercise for children to meet with authors and serve as an interest for them to read more books if they want to see the author of the book.
  8. Create a system of book-buddies across the age ranges: You can also get older children to read to younger children, get parents to read to children. This helps and fosters the love of reading in children the more.
  9. Have a world day initiative: Create events about book reading a part of your school year activity. Having a book day routine in your school is also a great way to encourage children to read more often as towards each year every child wants to win a price home or be the best reading student of the year.
  10. Add fun learning: Use activity books in forms of puzzles, word search are also a fun way to foster reading in children.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Irrespective of whether a child is just beginning to learn to read or whether they are fluent, you can play an important role in helping to keep them interested in books.

Find out what interests them, help them to find books that will be engaging and fun, and spend time reading the books together.

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