TOP TEN Fun Educational Games for Secondary School

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Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of education and has given rise to various education technology, especially e-learning platforms, online worksheets, educational apps and games. Several schools transitioned to online and remote learning during the pandemic to ensure learning did not stop.

In a post pandemic world, online education has become an integral component of education, however, it is not without its own challenges. One of the key challenges of online learning is student engagement. Student engagement is extremely critical for learning and retention. Low student engagement results in boredom, low motivation, and consequently low achievement.

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning” – Diane Ackeman

Some of the ways to increase student engagement online include creating interactive content, incorporating quizzes and leaderboard, giving feedback, recognizing and rewarding students with points, badges, etc.  9ijakids, a Nigerian EdTech company, is one of the companies taking center stage in revolutionizing online learning through its various digital educational resources, ranging from interactive worksheets, to  fun learning educational games for both secondary and primary school students. With over 300 educational games, learning has never been this fun and engaging.

Here are a few of educational games available on the 9ijakids platform to inspire learning for junior secondary school children.

Smoothie Maths

Maths is a subject a lot of children struggle with, and working with decimals can be a little complex even during a physical classroom. Lola wants to make enough smoothie for herself and her friends. Help her by using your knowledge of Addition and Subtraction of Decimals. With each correct answer, you help Lola share her smoothie among her four friends and earn points needed to proceed to the next level.  

Plane Areas

Making Maths practical and every day is one way to really get children to understand and even enjoy it. Jamal has the plans for his new house but needs your help building it. Use your knowledge of Areas of Simple Shapes (Triangle, Rectangles, Trapezium, Parallelogram etc) to help him complete it. This is a fun way to learn and revise simple shapes.  

Comparing Decimals

How I wish I learnt Maths this way, I would be a Maths genius!! Imagine using a diving class to teach decimals. You fill up your oxygen tank of your diving suit by comparing decimals to determine which is less or more. Each correct answer fills up your oxygen tank and earns you some points.  Love the concept!!!

Adverbs Rescue

Learning English does not have to be boring especially when learning about Adverbs. In this fun English game, an evil genius has devised a way to attack the earth by removing fun adverbs from words. It is up to your child to come to the earth’s rescue by identifying adverbs.

Grammar City

Grammar city is a game developed to help children learn the proper use of punctuations. Welcome to Grammar city where we build with proper punctuations. The storm destroyed a lot of our buildings and displaced all the punctuations. We are looking for a hero with English mastery to help put the city back together. Are you that hero? In the game, you earn points as you put the commas, apostrophes, and full stop in their places.

Figure it Out

Want your kids to master new words? Figure it out is the game to play. The children are expected to find the hidden clues in this engaging grammar game and earn points as they do.

Cell Alive

Science is fun and learning about cells is even more fun in this game. Follow Lola on a medical adventure as she tries to find out what is wrong with farmer Jamal’s plants and animals. Each correct answer helps Lola destroy germs found inside the plants and animals and then heals them.

Mix it

I remember trying to learn about Compounds and Mixture back in school. Would have loved to have this game. Lola is back in her lab and this time she’s having fun identifying different compounds and mixtures. Help her identify them using your knowledge of Elements, Compounds and Mixtures using their differences in this game of Mix-It!

Laboratory State

In this Science game, Lola is experimenting with the different states of matter. Join her to complete the experiment using your knowledge of matter and its various states. Let’s have fun experimenting what happens when water is frozen or boiled. You earn points when you successfully change states from solid to liquid to vapour, as more heat is applied once you get the answers right.

School Drive:

Lola needs to get to school on time for her test but no one is available to drive her to school. This fun Science games teaches about motion, gravity and force. Help Lola control the forces that make a car to accelerate and stop. The more correct answers you get, the more force you get to move the car closer to her school.

There are lots of other games to check out on the 9ijakids gaming portal. You can also access 9ijakids games on your phone. Text 9ija to 8012 on MTN or Text “NKWA” to 8012 on Glo network.

Remember, apart from being so much fun, games help improve retention which results in improved academic performance. Apart from increasing student engagement, games also provide students with critical and creative thinking opportunities as they figure things out, solve problems, collaborate and compete.