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Play. Learn. Practice. Excel
Play. Learn. Practice. Excel.

We make learning fun and revising effortless! We have tons of engaging and effective learning games to capture the imagination and make them excel in their Exams

Play. Learn. Practice. Excel
Boredom Busting Activity Books

Fun and educational activity books to match every child's interest.

Play. Learn. Practice. Excel
Learning Made Fun

Keep your children learning and entertained all day with our huge selection of fun learning games.

Play. Learn. Practice. Excel
Back to School Safety Challenge

Reinforce the everyday precautions for your child as back to school looms with our #Safetycheckup game!

Play. Learn. Practice. Excel
Read Exciting Stories on the Go!

Explore our collection of lovely interactive stories for your kids to read along.

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Access Over 200 Fun Learning Games!

Wherever your kids are in their educational journey, there is something for them to turn around their learning.

9ijakids has developed an online learning experience to help children fall in love with learning using games.

As a result of our fun interactive games, children remain engaged and motivated during online remote learning resulting in improved learning, knowledge retention and improved grades



What you stand to benefit

Achieve Academic Excellence depicted by a kid girl holding a pencil with both hands
Achieve academic excellence in school.

Our games teach them skills and concepts in a way that is engaging and accessible. Children learn and remember what they have learnt effortlessly when learning is fun

One benefit of the 9ijakids educational games for kids. Learning that children love depicted by a male kid winking and holding a heart with both hands

Learning that children love.

Children don’t dread doing school work and work when its fun and engaging. With our games children are excited to learn and revise their school work.

One benefit of the 9ijakids educational games for kids. Focuses on total development depicted by a kid wearing a green helmet holding a surf board with one and thumbing up with the second hand

Focuses on total development.

Our games don’t just cover the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. We promote values, financial literacy and that explores the sights, sounds, food, & people of Nigeria

One benefit of the 9ijakids educational games for kids. Eliminates stress of marking worksheets depicted by a black kid holding a red book with one hand

Eliminates stress of marking worksheets.

Marking worksheets can be stressful. With our games, children get instance feedback on their performance and no marking required for the parents.


Over 200 fun learning games to get kids immersed in the world of learning .


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