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9ijakids Read Along Books

Join Lola in learning about the different things people do for a living, as she decides what she wants to be when she grows up.

Here you can find lots of fascinating books to read online or watch Timi and Lola read.

The books are designed to encourage children to read by themselves, the stories are carefully graded into three reading levels.

The books are a perfect way to share stories about the rich African heritage with children across the world. The book are fun to read, they spark the imagination and teach children important values. Get your child reading today to fuel their vivid imagination and help them develop ideas to chair their world.

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Read the Stories by age:

Read the Stories by age:

Ages 4 to 5

Counting 1..2..3

How much do you know about Nigeria’s independence day? Read this story to learn counting by singing fun songs on Independence day. How many gifts does papa give you on Independence day?

Ages 5 to 7


Come learn about opposites with Lola. If I say “high” can you say “low”? How many words and their opposites do you know?

Staying at Home

Listen to what Timmy has to say about COVID-19 precautions and our lives and responsibilities during the lockdown. Stay safe.



Transportation on the Road

Timmy is going on a school trip around the city. On this trip the class will get to see different types of transportation being used around the city. How many of these transports do you know?

I Spy

Chichi and her brother has found several interesting things at the beach. Read and have fun as we explore the beach together.

Food Fair

It’s time for the Nigerian Food Fair and Chichi is looking forward to eating delicious, yummy Nigerian food and drinks!

Jamal the Greedy Boy

Jamal and Chichi are good friends who decide to get some oranges from the orange tree. After a while Chichi thinks they have enough but Jamal decides he wants more, read to find out what happens next…


Cultural Day

Have fun with Lola, Timmy, Jamal and Chichi as they celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day in school and learn about some of the Nigerian traditional food and clothes.

The Star Player

This is Timmy and he likes playing football. He wants to be on the Nigerian football squad when he grows up.


When Lola Grows Up

Join Lola in learning about the different professions, as she decides what she wants to be when she grows up.

Ages 8 to 10

Granny Tales

The Speedy Hare challenges the Slow Tortoise in a race that will decide the leader of the animal kingdom.Who will win the race?

The Tortoise and the Hippo

There lived a hippopotamus who bullied every animal in the kingdom. Is there anyone who can stop him?


The Tortoise and the Monkey

Enjoy a story about a disagreement between two friends.