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Getting Started

Create your 9ijakids account to play and access fun interactive games for children ages 3-13 years. With as low as N500 you can get access to any game for 6 months.

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“I want to extend our sincere thanks for this selfless gesture. We have started with the free access you gave us today and I’m happy to say it’s been a most wonderful learning experience” – Mrs A

Our Portfolio of Games

9ijakids have over 250 games focused at giving your child a well-rounded experience beyond the core subjects. There are 5 various categories to choose from


Let your kids revise and practice Math, English, Science and other subjects with over 100 games to choose from nursery to junior secondary. Maths never felt this fun.


Teach your child about Nigeria, its history, culture, people and place with fun interactive games. From independence to the civil war to past presidents and the states and lots more


Test your child’s knowledge and understanding of Bible characters, events, books and lots more with our fun and engaging bible games.

Financial Literacy

Want your kids to be financially independent. Its never too early to start. Help kids learn the basics of savings, investment, good management and entrepreneur in a fun way.

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Why We Do What We Do. (Our Story)

“If a child doesn’t learn the way you teach them, then teach him the way he learns.”

Did you know that we forget 50% of what we learn within the first hour? Research shows that most people including children forget 70% of what they learn within 24 hours. Research also shows that the best way to remember anything years after it has to be taught through songs, hands on activity, visuals, stories, games and technology.

9ijakids develop games that can be played on the tablet, phone or computer. So we are using hands on games, technology – 3 of the 5 top ways to help people remember what they are learning. Games that are fun and cut across various topics in Maths, English, Science. But not only academics but also Values like Honesty, Bullying, Courage and Courtesy.

Because we believe education is about the total child, we also have games on our Nigerian Heritage, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and the Bible.

Play and Learn

You can play 9iakids games using your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) or the internet. Download the 9ijakids app or play online