What skills do today’s kids need for the jobs of the future?

What skills do today’s kids need for the jobs of the future?

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I want my first son to become a lawyer, I have noticed that his brother likes to count plenty of money, so I can already see his skills will favor a career in accounting or something that has to do with finance. Maybe when I have a female child, she will be a medical doctor.  

I can’t be the only parent who thinks like this, do you also have a mental picture of what you want your child to become in the future? It’s not a bad idea but hear this; there is a high unarguable possibility that your child will end up in a job you’ve never heard of.

Perhaps you are not aware of this, the World Economic Forum estimates that over 65% of children entering elementary school today will end up in jobs that don’t even exist yet. Major evidence to back this up is today’s rapid changes in the job market. We are living in a world of unprecedented technological advancement. This advancement has eliminated several jobs and has created brand new ones overnight.

Now, this is not the zenith; there is more to come. As innovations in artificial intelligence, robotics, and other disruptive technology provide us with virtual assistants, automation, self-driving vehicles and more, you can never tell what the future holds, and no one can tell what type of jobs our children will end up doing. Perhaps we would have robots operating on humans and other technologies taking the roles of humans at work.

To prepare for these changes, we must prepare our children for a world that is yet to come by helping them develop core skills to equip them ahead of the jobs of the future.

How can we prepare our kids ahead? The secrets are in the following

  • Teach problem-solving and encourage your child to be an endless learner.
  • Help them develop their skills in teamwork and collaboration
  • Help them develop reading, writing and maths skills, which are very critical in tomorrow’s workspace
  • Teach your child to code and understand many areas of technology
  • Strengthen their leadership skills at home

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What skills do today’s kids need for the jobs of the future?

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