8 Fun Ideas On World Book Day For Schools

8 Fun Ideas On World Book Day For Schools

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World Book Day is dedicated to promoting the love of books and reading. It is celebrated in over 100 countries.

All successful people have a love of reading in common. Encouraging children to love reading is what World Book Day is all about.

Every year on World Book Day, children dress up as their favorite characters from their favorite book. Their friends are bound to ask them who they are dressed as and, in turn, want to find out more. They could discover a book they may otherwise have never picked up.

Dressing up is fun, but World Book Day is the perfect opportunity to try even more activities.

Here are 8 fun ideas to promote the love of books, reading and World Book Day:

  1. Dress up as favorite book character: World book day is not complete without dressing up as your favorite book character. It is so much fun as a child, you can be whoever you’ve read about. Children dressing up as their favorite character spikes the interest of others to read the same book.
  2. Have children share books: Have everyone in a classroom bring a different pile of books from the books they’ve read at home to the school giving others the opportunity to also read the books.
  3. Create a reading group: Students reading together and discussing books encourage them to read more. They find new interesting details in what they’ve read by joining up with their peers which make reading fun and engaging.
  4. Listen to a story: One of the best things you can do on World Book Day is to read a book! Have a special Storytime to read the children’s favorite book together, also get parents involved in reading, involve every student in a class to read a chapter/page of a book till everyone one has the opportunity to read to the class.
  5. Get an author to read books to students: Invite authors of books most especially children authors to read their favorite book out to children. This usually encourages the children to read and even want to write.
  6. A reading challenge: Organise a friendly competition, set a target for the highest no of books to read. At the end of each term/year, the student with the highest number of books gets a price.
  7. Re-tell stories through play: Have children assume the role of different characters they have read about and let them act like these characters in a play. This encourages children to always want to read and they look forward to the next day they will be allowed to act as another favorite character.
  8. Doing puzzles and activity books: With the use of puzzles, word search and fun activity reading becomes engaging.

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