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The Bus Adventure
The Bus Adventure


My friend’s 15yr old son who has just finished his IGSCE is doing an internship with my office. Like the doting mother she is, she decided to drop him off at work and pick him every day. This wouldn’t be a problem if the internship was just for a couple of days or if Lagos was a congestion free state.


Reality quickly set in that as much as she loves her son, cares deeply for his safety and worries about his inexperience of the streets of Lagos, it was not a sustainable option. She decided that PT (Public Transport) was the way forward. Did I hear you gasp? Yes, PT!


The adventure begins.


10 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Bad Grades
10 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Bad Grades

Recently, I have observed that my neighbour’s daughter doesn’t seem to care about red flags in her report sheet and her mother is constantly addressing the issue usually with screams and threats. The other time, she didn’t open her home work throughout the day and later in the day I heard her mother screaming as usual with various threats.


This “aproko” thing isn’t my thing honestly lol but that day I felt the urge to go knock but I don’t want to receive that hot Yoruba slap lol.

What Men Really Want for Father’s Day

This year, I decided to do a survey among my friends to find out what their ideal Father’s Day gift is. The result was both interesting and surprising. Men must really be uncomplicated and women are from Venus. I expected lots of paparazzi, over the top and  out of the box thinking to guess what men would really want for Father’s Day. But at last, men are indeed simple and uncomplicated beings.


Here are the top 10 things most of the men consistently said they wanted for Father’s Day:

  1. Freedom– undisturbed TV time, or a fully paid vacation
  2. Family outing – to the movies or to a restaurant
  3. Shoes
  4. Shirts/Tshirts
  5. Pens
  6. Wristwatches
  7. Shaving kit
  8. Perfume
  9. Tie
  10. Gadgets (for the gadget Dads)


Only two crazy dads made me laugh– one asked for an iPhoneX and the other one billion Naira (even I wanted that for Mother’s Day and didn’t get it lol)

One dad said “Anything made, written or bought by the child is just enough for me. Nothing expensive”

Am like you don’t say… I want something expensive and OTT for Mother’s Day. I guess we women are really from Mars.


All I can say is “Thank you Dads for making Father’s Day  gift an easy one for us”.

Awesome Father of The Year



It’s been almost 25yrs since my father passed but I still remember him like yesterday. Growing up, all my major fun adventures were all with my Dad👦🏾. They might not of been as frequent as outings with my Mum 👧🏾but they were always OTT (Over the Top). I guess my Mum being the “family treasurer and accountant” was always about family fun on a budget 🤣🤣🤣🤣.


How to Know if Your Child is Being Bullied
How to Know if Your Child is Being Bullied

My 8year old son and his friend had both selected Boy Scouts as an after school activity since Year 1. So I was surprised when in Year 3, his friend’s Mum told me her son didn’t want to do Scouts any more.  I decided to ask why. He said that there was a boy there that “teased” him a lot and made him uncomfortable.  I then asked if he had reported this to his teacher – he hadn’t.  The next time I saw his teacher, I reported the issue and the school addressed it immediately. His Mum didn’t know he was being bullied and neither did his teacher. He kept it to himself. (more…)

My Bucket List: 10 Fun Places You Must Take Your Children To in Lagos.
My Bucket List: 10 Fun Places You Must Take Your Children To in Lagos.

Believe it or not, there are loads of fun places to take your children to in Lagos. That’s why I have come up with a bucket list of fun places you must experience with your children. A “bucket list” is a list of goals you want to achieve, and life experiences you desire to experience. I have covered at least 80% of my bucket list and think I need to add more to the list.


Parenting On Purpose Conference @mytph
Parenting On Purpose Conference @mytph

If you missed the conference, you missed a lot. I saw people all around me taking lots of notes and I could easily understand why.

Mrs Nkoyo Rapu, Mrs Chiadi Ndu and Mr Stephen Omojuyigbe all nailed it. My mind was blown and I had so many “Aha” moments.

Been finding it hard to summarise what they said. I honestly believe I can’t do justice to what I heard. Here are a few nuggets.



10 Important Things You Must Know When Disciplining Your Child
10 Important Things You Must Know When Disciplining Your Child


Discipline is the foundation upon which all success is built. Lack of discipline inevitably leads to failure. ~ John Rohn ~


We might not generally agree on various methods for discipline but I think we can all agree on the fact that discipline is important. Discipline is vital for healthy child development.


Discipline should not mean only punishing a child for doing something wrong but about setting clear parameters and consequences for breaking rules so that they learn how to discipline themselves. So before you discipline, a key pre-requisite is to set clear expectations and parameters.


Whatever method you use to discipline your child, here are some 10 important things you must know:


  1. Always listen to them before you discipline Always find out from them what happened before you discipline


  1. Let them know why exactly they are being disciplined


  1. Never discipline in anger


  1. Let the discipline be proportionate to the wrong


  1. From age 0-10, do less reasoning and more discipline


  1. For ages 10 and above, do more of reasoning and less of forceful discipline


  1. Always follow through with discipline – don’t make empty threats.


  1. Dont send conflicting signals – be consistent


  1. Encourage and embrace after the discipline.


  1. Finally let your actions and behaviour reflect what you expect from them.


Are You Addicted to Social Media? 10 Signs that You Are.
Are You Addicted to Social Media? 10 Signs that You Are.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become such an integral part of all our lives. Like most things in life, social media is not evil in itself but should be used with moderation. Today both adults and children are getting so caught up interacting online that we forget to really live in the real world. Adults and children are getting “addicted” to social media.


Winning Strategies For Back To School
Winning Strategies For Back To School

School resumes for most on Monday (I can hear shouts of joys 😂😜 from the parents and groans😬😬😬 from the children) and it’s time to get the kids ready for back to school. Here are a few tips that has helped me avoid those first week arguments and frustrations.

1. Introduce a Bedtime Routine😴😴😴 – At the minimum a week before school starts get them back into an earlier bedtime routine.


2. Waking Earlier🛀🏾 – Start waking your child(ren) at the time they will need to get up for school.


3. Early, Early Night🛌– The night before the first day of school let them go to bed very early. If normal bedtime is 8pm, let them sleep at 7.30pm.


4. School Messages📨 – Time to check and read all the emails/messages from school that was earlier ignored 🙈🙈🙈


5. Prepare for School Supplies 🌂✏🖍📚– Start now to pick up on all school supplies – snacks, stationery, lunch bags, school bag🎒, etc.


6. Back to School Clothing👔👗👞 – Go over your children’s clothing now. You will be surprised at what is missing, torn or out grown. Don’t forget trip to the barber/salon.


7. Waking Up The Brain 🧠 – Two weeks to school, start to introduce worksheets, reading and writing to help them prepare for school work. VERY IMPORTANT!!!


8. New Term Goals 📝– Review their last term assessment reports/results to determine areas to work on with their class teacher and have a discussion with your child.


9. School Day Routines📜🗓 – Plan out school day routines. Time to wake, eat, go to school, do homework, house chores, play and go to bed.


10. Finalise Logistics 🚌🚗⛹🏾‍♀️🏊🏽‍♀️– Don’t forget to check you have covered pickup and drop off arrangements, carpooling details, after school activities, etc


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