Six Ways to Improve Your Child’s Creativity

Six Ways to Improve Your Child’s Creativity

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Can every child be creative?

Scientists claim that some people are born more creative than others, and some kids tend to pull the creative stunt naturally than others. Today, it has been consistently proven that creativity is not strictly innate and can in fact be a learned behaviour. Just like any other skills, creativity can be inspired and nurtured. It is something we all have in varying degree that is expected to be developed. As a parent, it is your responsibility to effectively stimulate your child’s creativity. Your child is a natural innovator filled with imaginations and here are few ways to help them make sense of the world around them

1.Encourage them to read; Reading exposes your child to ideas and expands their intellectual horizon. The new information and experiences they are exposed to could stimulate their passion and interest in trying out new things. It is when you read that you can imagine things.

2. Expose them to creative works; Such as literature, music, designs and arts. Let them have a feel of creative works done by other people, ask them questions about those things, get them talking about it, show interest in what they have to say about it and watch how they become inspired.

3. Be involved in their interest and encourage it; Take time to study your child’s interest and give them more of the things that relate to their line of interest. As long as they are not engaging in things that could harm them, don’t discourage them. Get to talk about it with them, understand why they like doing it and ask if they have been looking up to anyone doing similar thing. Offer support and help them fuel their interest.

4. Sign them up for children-oriented events and exhibitions; These are avenues where your child can be challenged to take on new things. Let them go for sightseeing, art competitions, swimming, coding and robotics.

5.Stock up creative toys and materials; Be intentional with the type of toys you buy for them. Have more of materials that fuel their creativity. For instance – Origami, STEM kits, art supplies, Lego, musical instruments and computer.

6. Encourage autonomy; When next you notice your child is engaged in some form of quiet play with his/her origami set, drawing book, painting kit etc, afford them the time alone rather than interfering. 

The central idea of this is to encourage your child to engage more in activities that improve their creativity. This creative process eventually becomes an inextricable part of their lives. Share this article with your network by clicking the share button below.