7 Ways to Get Parents More Involved

7 Ways to Get Parents More Involved

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At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents – Jane D, Hull.

Parental involvement plays an important role in a child’s academic performance. It is important for teachers to get parents more involved in children’s education. This helps to improve their behavior as well as their overall performance in school.

Parental involvement is when parents spend time reading with their children, helping with their assignment and providing other necessary assistance towards improving their children’s education.

Encouraging parental involvement is one of the best ways to create a positive learning environment in the classroom which will help make your work as a teacher easier.

Here are some great ideas to get parents more involved:

1. Organize regular parent-teacher association meetings

Encourage parents to attend parent-teacher meetings. This will promote open communication and understanding between parents and teachers. You can ask questions on the children’s growth in the classroom, be aware of school programs, field trips, and events the school organizes as well as connect with other parents through the PTA WhatsApp group or any other social media platform.

2. Provide regular feedback

Send regular feedback to parents based on their children’s performance. This gives parents insight into areas where their children are lacking and need help. This will make parents more engaged in their children’s education and provide necessary assistance to their children.

3. Get them involved in organizing school activities

Transform parents from spectators to active participants in the school and in their child’s education by getting them involved in organizing events and activities in the school. Some such events include art exposition, traditional day, fundraising amongst others.

4. Invite parents to teach

This is a fun-packed method of engaging parents. Parents who are professionals can be invited to enlighten the students on their field of expertise. For instance, a parent who is a dentist can be invited to talk to the children about oral care and lots more.

5. Improve communication with parents

It is important to ensure a 2-way flow of communication. You can send out information through newsletters, press releases and ensure you get feedback from parents regarding their child’s education.

6. Personalize Communication

Ask parents how they would like to be involved and connected to the school. This is very important as not all parents can come to school at designated times. You can provide parents with various options for them to choose the most convenient one through which they wish to receive information about the school activities.

7. Encourage a flipped classroom

Encourage active parents’ participation by introducing a flipped classroom system. This teaching model flips the traditional learning environment where what is usually thought of as homework becomes classwork and vice-versa. Parents can provide their kids with instructional content (including recorded lessons) at home before class, while in-class time is devoted to ‘homework,’ such as projects, discussions and group work.

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