5 Tips to Raising Kids That Will Become Good Future Spouse

5 Tips to Raising Kids That Will Become Good Future Spouse

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I once heard a little boy on a live video say he would like to learn how to cook so he could help his mum in the kitchen.  Like wow!! This boy is obviously going to make a great husband.  

Have you really thought about your child becoming someone’s future spouse?  

Whatever kind of husband or wife they morph into will be dependent on your own relationship with your spouse and how you are raising them today.  

It’s never too early to start instilling in your child those values that cement strong relationship as well as skills that will help them be a better husband or wife someday.

Here are some intentional parenting tips to help you raise your child to be a great future spouse

  • Instil the fear of God in them; I decided to make this first because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  A Godly character will take them far and build their spiritual maturity to become great partners.
  •  Teach them to express emotions; Emotional intelligence is key and can be built from childhood. Either you are a mother of boys or girls, emotional expression is important for building healthy relationships. Teach them to always express how they feel about issues at home, carry them along, let them have a say and express their feelings about things. This will help them build healthy relationship with their future spouse.
  • Teach them empathy; Empathy is sharing someone’s emotion or feeling. lack of it can mar your child’s future relationship with his or her partner. Teach them to join in the struggle, show affection rather than sitting back and watch from distance. If you help to imbibe this from young age, it will help them a great deal in the future.
  • Teach humility; If you sense your child exudes a know it all kind of character especially in their relationship with others or siblings, it will be better to nip such in the bud. Pride is what makes someone act like they can never be wrong, and it can cause conflict and emotional walls in your child’s future marriage.
  • Be a good example; Your efforts to raising a good future partner might not yield much if you don’t show examples in your relationship with your spouse daily. Children are great imitator and they unconsciously absorb everything you do. If you want your child to become a great future spouse, show it every day to your spouse.

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