Not Just Gifts; Five Things to Give Your Child This Christmas That Aren’t Gifts

Not Just Gifts; Five Things to Give Your Child This Christmas That Aren’t Gifts

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‘’Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods ….

We are the sum total of our experiences’’

Thomas Gilovich

Are you doing something differently this Christmas?  Doing something differently this time requires that you first know that the best thing you can give your children aren’t things.  Children love toys and they never get tired of getting more but I have come to realise that the pleasure is short-lived. They barely use the toys for three months before abandoning it and move on to the next thing when they’re done playing with the toys.  The greatest gift you can give your children is the gift of experiences and memories that they will hold with them forever. I have compiled a list of five beautiful things you can give your kids this Christmas that aren’t gift.

A class they’ve been wanting to take

If your child has been longing for a particular experience or there is a class, he/she would love to take that you have been subtly denying them of, either a dance, art, football or any sport classes, this might just be the perfect time for them to take the classes. Get them the materials they need.  They’ll be so excited, they’ll learn a new skill and they’ll be able to keep taking the class throughout the year.

Tickets to an event

Is there an event coming up in your area, church or cinema around you? Or perhaps there is something they’ve been wanting to see.  You could simply get them tickets or a group pass to the event. It’ll give them something to look forward to and an amazing memory.

Plan a family beach trip

A shared experience will continue to linger. There are private beaches in Lagos that aren’t always crowded and good for families to spend time together. This moment will afford you the opportunity to talk as families, watch the beautiful sights of sea and other interesting scenes.

A fun party

You could have a fun party for your kids and their friends in your house. Ask your kids to invite their friends both in school and church and throw them an awesome party. The party will be such a fun memory for them to look back on and at least part of the things for them to talk about when they are back to school after the holiday.

A “date night” with mum and dad

You can get creative with this all you like. Children do love the one-on-one experience with their parents especially outside the four walls of the house. Map out a date in between the festive month for a date with your child and make them feel special the whole night. It’ll mean the world to them to have a few hours of undivided attention from both parents.

When you give your children experiences instead of things, they’ll have priceless memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.