Teaching Our Children to Give Back

Teaching Our Children to Give Back

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Christmas is an exciting time synonymous with gifts and fun times. Often, we get carried away by the euphoria of the moment and the beautiful sights of Christmas trees, beautifully wrapped packages, decorations, series of events, fun and parties that come with the Christmas season. However, we are the blessed ones – there are still so many people who cannot afford the new clothes, the Christmas feast and can barely make ends means. Does your child realise how fortunate and blessed they are? How do we teach our children to remember those less fortunate than themselves?

Teaching kids about the act of giving, showing love and thinking of others is very important . Giving back should not be limited to Christmas time only.

Here are few ways to teach your kids about giving back:

  1. Teach them that “its more blessed to give than to receive”
  2. Lead by example
  3. Encourage your child to give throughout the year not only at Christmas
  4. Talk to them about your charitable giving and experience- how /what you give, the charities/causes you support/volunteer at, etc
  5. Take them with you when you volunteer your time at your charity
  6. Get them involved – proactively look for opportunities for them to volunteer in the community especially in areas they are interested in – animal, children, homeless people, people in hospitals, the elderly, etc
  7. Encourage them to give regularly from their allowance, savings towards a course or charity
  8. Encourage them to give away unused and fairly used clothes and toys
  9. Let them actively participate in school community activities