Parenting New Year Resolutions .

Parenting New Year Resolutions .

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As the year is rolling out, I have taken time to evaluate how things turned out for me as a parent this year. I’ve been ticking my boxes and questioning my success rate at the goals I set for the dying year. One of such goals was to yell less lol. Needless to say, I fell short on this goal according to my son.

So you are not alone if you feel you were less than a perfect parent in this year. My advice is do away with any guilty feeling and pat yourself on the back for your successes. Its time to pick yourself up and start afresh in the New Year. The goal in the coming year should be to set realistic and doable goals.

Here are some New Year Resolutions that you might want to consider:

  1. Spend uninterrupted quality time daily with the kids
  2. Set and stick to daily routines
  3. Say “No” More
  4. Listen More
  5. More outdoor play
  6. Implement and adhere to “Screen Time-Out”
  7. Get them to read more
  8. Ensure the kids do chores and help around the house
  9. Follow through (on rules, discipline, etc)
  10. Don’t rush to help to solve their problem or when they are facing a difficulty
  11. Be more intentional with their spiritual life
  12. Have regular date nights with hubby

Lastly, utilise technology to your kids advantage . Of what relevance is a tablet if it doesn’t enhance their academic strength? 9ijakids games are designed to cater for this role. Make fun learning intentional and improve their willingness to learn using what they do best “play”.

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