“Mummy, I am Bored!”

“Mummy, I am Bored!”

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Sometimes this phrase can sound like a broken record. Children make boredom sound like a crime.

I was at a church programme where an 11 year old girl was crying because she was bored. My first reaction was to ask her age. A few minutes later, her father shows up to pick her up. He said she called them to come pick her up and service wasn’t over yet. Inside me, I rolled my eyes, then I told her father that boredom is part of life. I don’t know anyone on a constant high, except people on drugs.

Constantly filling a child’s time with screen time, games, outings, activities, etc teaches them nothing but dependence on external stimulus. You have to learn to create “lemonade from lemons ”.  A very important life skill.

 “I think it’s necessary to let kids get bored once in a while – that’s how they learn to be creative” – Kim Raver.

Boredom awakens their internal drive. It also awakens motivation and ambition. It allows for imagination, creativity and passion.

Knowing what to do when bored prepares you for adulthood – being an adult means occupying yourself, managing your time and filling your time with what makes you happy.

Next time your child says “I am bored”, remember do nothing. Let them discover for themselves how to fill this time. This approach is more likely to make them self reliant, competent, full of ideas and able discover themselves (& their interests. )


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