Everyday Ways to Teach Your Kids about God

Everyday Ways to Teach Your Kids about God

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Sometimes it takes just a simple, heart-to-heart conversation to get kids thinking about God.

“Do you feel the wind?” I’ll ask my four-year-old.

I will tell her that even though we can’t see the wind, we know it’s there. We see the leaves blowing and hear the trees rustling — the effects of an unseen force.

“Can we see God?” I continue to ask her. “No, mama. We can’t see God.” she gives her honest reply.

“Right, but we can see how God works in our lives. We can see the animals he made and the tiny babies that grew in the womb. We can’t see Him, but we can see what He has done. Just like we can see that the wind blew the leaves to the ground!”

Like most parents, you want to share important spiritual principles with your children. But it’s challenging to find enough time to prepare and teach formal lessons about everything you’d like to impart to them about God.

Here is how you can use everyday experiences to teach your kids about God:

1. Spread out a world map puzzle and talk about Christians in other countries while you solve it.

2. Build godly confidence in kids by showing them how to have a daily quiet time with God: My husband and I have taught our kids a simple method for not just reading the Bible but deeply understanding God’s truth.

3. Keep communication open: Lay in bed with them and discuss every aspect of life – their biggest fears, hopes, and dreams. When your child feels comfortable sharing the details of their life with you, they will also feel comfortable discussing their spiritual needs and questions.

4. Marvel at nature: One way I love to talk about God with my kids is by admiring the beautiful world He has made.

5. Have an assortment of fun activities: Use blocks and/or Legos, bible games to learn about the different stories in the bible e.g 9ijakids app.

The good news is that you can relax. Your kids will learn a lot about God simply in the middle of everyday experiences you share together.

As Christian parents, we must teach our kids to fall in love with Jesus and to build their confidence and self-esteem on their value in Christ.

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