Indoor Play Ideas to Stimulate Children’s Learning

Indoor Play Ideas to Stimulate Children’s Learning

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It’s good to show your child that there’s more than one way to do something. For example, there’s more than one way to draw a person, build a sandcastle or play a drum. This lets children know they can develop their own ideas.

You don’t need to give your child new or expensive play materials. Homemade, recycled and natural materials are all low-cost ways to stimulate play and imagination.

And whatever artworks your child comes up with, give your child lots of descriptive praise. For example, ‘I love the picture you drew. You really know how to put colours together’. This boosts confidence and encourages your child to keep playing creatively.

Here are ideas to stimulate children’s learning:

1. Give your child an empty cardboard box to make a house, a robot, a truck, an animal – whatever your child is interested in. Your child could paint the box or decorate it with craft materials. (Download our FREE Craft eBook)

2. Help your child develop a sense of rhythm with songs, chants and rhymes like ‘Incy wincy spider’, ‘Heads and shoulders’, ‘Five cheeky monkeys’ and ‘Jack and Jill’.

3. At story time, encourage your child to act out roles from a story with movements or sounds. For example, your child could pretend to be one of the monsters from Where the wild things are.

4. Video your child as he plays. Help him use a movie-making app to make it into a special video to share with family and friends.

5. Give your kids lessons on cooking. Start with small things like making their favourite snacks together, preparing meals for the family, etc.

6. Choose 3 easy & fun science experiments to do at home (Download 9ijakids STEM eBook)

7. Build with Legos: My son loves to build things with Legos and can stay for hours just building stuff. My daughter likes Legos as well, but prefers building the sets and having something to display at the end.

8. Make Your Own Crayons: If you have old broken crayons around or a box of cheap crayons, you can use them to make cool mixed crayons. Chop the crayons into small pieces and put them in a baking tin and bake for 15 to 20 minutes in a muffin tin or mini cake tin.

9. Engage them with fun activity books e.g 9ijakids activity book (click to order https://9ijakids.com/activity-books/)

10. Find apps or games that your child can use to learn while at home. E.g. 9ijakids app

We believe your little ones deserve the very best care.

You can also keep them effectively busy with: Lego, Puzzles, STEM activities, Art and crafts,  9ijakids games (of course???).

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