16 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kid Connected to God

16 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kid Connected to God

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For whatever one sows, that will he also reap (Galatians 6:7)

I went to my office weeks after the lockdown was lifted and saw that some of the office plants were at the brink of death lol. The ones inside the office with no sunlight were almost dead but the ones outside did better. They hadn’t been watered in a while, but they had sunlight, so they faired better.

Our children are like plants, apart from planting a seed – we need to ensure they remain connected to God if we want them blossom.

Church closure should not be a reason why our children are not staying connected to God.

Here are 16 fun ways to keep them connected to God during this lockdown:

  1. Act out Bible stories – the Good Samaritan
  2. Acts of kindness – pick a challenge around acts of kindness that they can do.
  3. Help them memories scriptures: Make it fun by using a song, replace a word with a clap.
  4. Help them keep a prayer and testimony journal. The prayer journal can be like a letter to God.
  5. Read a book about a Christian who made or is making a difference in the modern world.
  6. Write up a list of people to pray for daily.
  7. Go on prayer walk and pray for your neighbor or the Country.
  8. Have a bible reading challenge.
  9. Listen to worship songs on YouTube.
  10. Listen to bible messages online via YouTube, podcasts, etc.
  11. Do bible arts and crafts, activities, and puzzles (Check out 9ijakids bible activity book)
  12. Sort out old clothes, toys, and books to donate items to the less privileged.
  13. Let them write letters of encouragement to people who are sad, ill or don’t know God.
  14. Help them create their own Psalms or write their own songs.
  15. Play the Bible alphabet game -everyone needs to say a bible name or place that begins with the letter e.g S for Solomon and Samaria.
  16. Play 9ijakids bible games

9ijakids has developed Bible games to teach children about God and his works using fun engaging games. With the lockdown and movement restriction, we are granting FREE access to over 40 bible games

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