15 Fun Ways to Keep Children Busy Over The Summer Holiday

15 Fun Ways to Keep Children Busy Over The Summer Holiday

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Remote learning was tiring, and we couldn’t wait for it to be over. Now that it is over, we are left wondering what to do with the kids since this is unusual summer vacation. Some of us want them to take a break from anything online while some of us realise we can’t run away from this.

With the kids still very much indoor, what can we do with them apart from having them glued to the TV or their tablets all day?

Start by still having a routine for them. Having routines to ensure they get sufficient sleep, eat their meals and do physical activity is important. (Click to download our Summer Schedule).

Online summer school is an option but if you need complete break from Zoom and online.

Here are 15 activities to keep your kids engaged and busy:

  1. Learn to cook: Encourage your kids to help with preparing meals, their favorite snacks, chinchin, cupcakes, etc.
  2. Grow a garden: You kids can grow their own tomato, pepper, fruits, etc.
  3. STEM experiments: Engage them with STEM activities (click to check out our STEM Kits), free eBook (Download our FREE STEM eBook)
  4. Scavenger hunt
  5. Learn a language: Your kids can learn different languages using app that helps them learn. E.g to learn Yoruba – Yoruba101, etc, to speak French – Duolingo, etc. and other languages.
  6. Write short stories about different things happening around the world, their favourite occupation, etc.
  7. Build a fort from pillows, blankets, and other things found in the house.
  8. Tie and dye: entice your children’s interest by using different tie and dye techniques and ideas (click to check out our STEM Kits).
  9. Pick a favourite animal and research it. Create a fact sheet about it.
  10. Lego activity: Make a list of animals and buildings. Write them all down on individual pieces of paper and put them in a box. Each person draws one out and has to build it with Legos. 
  11. Explore the arts, history, and foreign places with Google Arts & Culture.
  12. Suggest a science experiment: Let your kids discover the world. Teach or show them something about an object or their surroundings and let them explore it. That might mean giving them a magnet and telling them to see what sticks, or giving them a bowl of water and prompting them to see what will float and what will sink. (click to check out our STEM Kits).
  13. Pick activities from boredom jar (Click to download our Boredom Jar).
  14. Learn about maps and make a map of your neighborhood.
  15. Play educational games.

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