6 Tips for an Excellent Summer School Experience

6 Tips for an Excellent Summer School Experience

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Many parents are viewing summer holidays with a mix of relief and dread: relief that home schooling/remote learning is coming to an end, and dread on how to keep the children busy for the next month or two.

In the past, sending your child to various Summer Camps was the solution during the summer holidays. However, with the pandemic and social distancing, a lot of summer camps are going online fully.

This seems like a very tall order because most summer camps offered enrichment activities (non-traditional subjects) like music, dance, arts, coding, robotics, sports, STEM, chess, languages, etc that was best carried out physically.

Online learning requires a lot of communication for it to be successful. And also, it requires that beyond the teacher, the children can connect with themselves.  

Keeping children motivated and engaged during remote learning — especially in the summer — is also easier said than done.

Here are six (6) tips to consider for your online summer school:

  1. Always start with a hook/attention grabber: Don’t jump right into the lesson. Have something on-screen that makes them want to stop, pause, and give you their attention. It should be something you are wearing, a short video, an object, etc.
  2. Have hands-on activities both online and offline: Doing different activities apart from online teaching. Activities such as craft to be submitted to the next class, making a picture from the stories told in the previous class, etc.
  3. Have a competition or leader board: Let the children earn points and badges from their involvement in participation in the completion of activities.
  4. Get constant feedback both from the parents and the student: Apart from feedback ensure you are constantly communicating with the parents and the students. Send reminders for classes, post pictures/videos from classes, send guides to help with activities, etc
  5. Celebrate milestones and achievement with videos and virtual certificates: There are several ways student’s achievement can be celebrated. Use of verbal words
  6. Alternate between active and inactive activities: Involve activities such as dance, drama, etc that allows students to move around and participate in physical activities.

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