Are Your Children Driving You Up The Wall? Discipline That Really Works!

Are Your Children Driving You Up The Wall? Discipline That Really Works!

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“The key to smart discipline is simple: Set clear expectations up front for how you want your child to behave. Then it’s up to them to be in control of their actions”

“Tobi, why is your room so messy with your toys and books everywhere?’ yelled Mummy

5 mins later, Mummy is yelling about something else. LOL!!

We have had our children with us for almost four (4) months with no break. By now they would have tried your patience and in some cases driven you up the wall.

NEWS FLASH: All children “misbehave” and there is no “perfect” child. Having said that discipline is still very important.

Here are 5 ways to instil discipline in your child:

1. Set Clear Rules: Never discipline a child when you know you haven’t clearly stated what is right and wrong – words or actions. Have clear rules of what you want them to do. This is the first law of discipline 101. Follow rules yourself – Discipline is best taught by example. And even when they misbehave be positive – instead of pointing out what the child did wrong, show the child how to set things right.  – instead of saying “Don’t hit” or “NO hitting” try saying “Use your words” or “Ask nicely.

2. Have Consequences:  Once you have clear rules, the next step is to firmly explain the consequences if they don’t follow the rules. For example, tell your son that if he does not pick up his toys, you will put them away for the rest of the day. Be prepared to follow through right away. Don’t give in by giving them back after a few minutes. But remember, never take away something your child truly needs, such as a meal.

3. Catch Them Being Good: Don’t always be scolding and disciplining them.  Real discipline is a carrot and stick. This means you must always look for something good they are doing so you can praise them. Children need attention and love.  

4. Pick your battles. It is important to “pick your battles.” Don’t fight over unimportant issues. Sometimes as long as your child isn’t doing something dangerous and gets plenty of attention for good behaviour, ignoring bad behaviour can be an effective way of stopping it. This is particularly true for bad behaviours that has natural consequences.

5. Channel the energy: The saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” can be so true.  Sometimes children misbehave because they are bored so channel their energy. If a child has lots of physical energy, you need to proactively outdoor or physical activities. Apart from TV, during this period keep them engaged with 9ijakids activity books and educational games. 

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Lastly, remember there is no one right way to discipline children – it will depend on the child, their temperament, age, circumstances, etc

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