How to Make Your Life Easier While Homeschooling Your Preschooler

How to Make Your Life Easier While Homeschooling Your Preschooler

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For most parents in Nigeria, home-schooling is not a common aspect of parenting. Covid-19 has ushered in a new reality for most parents. Even the ones that would rather employ a private home tutor for their kids have been forced to put their legs in the shoes since the inception of the compulsory school lockdown. We ran a poll on Instagram to ask if parents are enjoying home-schooling and the result was not against our expectations. It has been rather hectic, and more parents agreed they have not been enjoying it.

Can it be this hard? No! It is only hard if you are not doing the right thing especially if you are a parent of a pre-schooler.

For most parents on Instagram that have reached out to us for ideas to make their home-schooling seamless, the advice has always been “choose a focus area with your pre-schooler and gather resources that will assist you in meeting those goals.

The problem with most parents is that they want to match up with school and as such, they end up overthinking details. As a mum of a pre-schooler, there is no wrong way to do this except you try to take on too much at once.

Make your life easier by keeping things simple.

Does that make sense? Now ask yourself what do I want my pre-schooler to learn? I do not know your goals, but the list below should help you start from somewhere

Letter Recognition

Letter Tracing

Letter Sounds

Counting to 20

Basic Shapes




Gross Motor Skills/Fine Motor Skills


Once you have sorted this aspect, you proceed to gathering necessary materials. Pinterest can help you a great deal. Just pick any of the focus above and add “for pre-schooler”. E.g. Basic shapes for pre-schoolers. You can also search through Google and you’d be surprise by the amazing array of resources at your disposal. 

Hope this helps! Watch out for our next article on how to stay organised during home-schooling. Do not forget to share this article with your networks.