9 Nigerian Edtech Companies You Must Know During Covid-19 Lockdown

9 Nigerian Edtech Companies You Must Know During Covid-19 Lockdown

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Covid-19 pandemic has put eLearning in the mouths of school owners, teachers and parents alike. With everyone practically turning online especially for their kids’ education, Edtech is experiencing a new boom. What a good time for the nascent industry. With several start-ups within the sector offering unique features such as fun learning games and quizzes, online textbooks,  online tutors rendering assistance with schoolwork and tons more, this is the time to promote our own people doing awesome things in the sector.

Here are nine Edtech companies you can turn to for the kids to continue learning during this lock down period.

  • 9ijakids;

Today’s kids are digital natives and would stay on a tab for 24 hours if given the opportunity. Being born in this unprecedented time of our lives with consistent advancements in tech, they can practically operate any device without the help an adult. While we cannot take this away from them, we can turn the device to a learning platform for them. This is what 9ijakids is all about. With over 200 fun learning games on all subjects, kids can have fun learning mathematics, English and science while having fun doing that. The app is available on google playstore, Appstore and Amazon store. Visit site for information.

  • Sabiteach

Sabiteach is an EdTech platform that provides learners with qualified teachers or tutors for both online and in-person learning engagements. The platform allows parents or learners themselves search and locate teachers/tutors in their preferred location, see reviews or ratings that help them make informed decisions on choice of tutor. Visit site for more details

  • Roducate

Roducate is an indigenous eLearning platform that offers educational content from Primary to tertiary level. Roducate covers all relevant subjects with government-approved curriculum. The application is available on playstore. See webpage for information

  • Schoolgate

If you are looking for affordable audio-visual educational contents for your kids this lockdown, SchoolGate can as well be your point of call.  From Basic programming to STEM, Schoolgate offers quality learning services for as low as 500 Naira per term. Click here to visit site.

  • ULesson

Specifically targeting secondary school students across west Africa , ULesson has created an App for mastering different subjects with ease . If you have a child preparing for examinations such as the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination, Secondary School Certificate Examination, General Certificate Examination, and NECO , this app may be his/her go to resource while schools are currently on lockdown. Get more information by visiting their webpage

  • Gradely

Gradely is an online web-app that uses Adaptive Learning Technology to personalize learning for K-12 students. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse your child’s academic strength & weaknesses and recommends curriculum-based practice questions, revision videos and live tutoring tailored to help your child achieve mastery. Click here to visit site

  • SuccessTAB

If you are looking for a tab to enable your child learn comfortably from home this lockdown, Success tab is up for the rescue.  It is specially built to deliver digital learning and contains volumes of pre-installed educational contents. It runs on Andriod Powered by Google and Developed by Chronicles. See their website for more info

  • Pass.ng

 Do you have a child preparing to write the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination, pass.ng offers a web, desktop and mobile-based CBT examination preparatory platform that assesses the child through a series of mock tests while also proffering solutions to the questions. Students also get to track their progress as they prepare for the examination on the platform. Click here to get more information 

  • Tuteria

With Tuteria , parents can easily  connect with qualified tutors within their neighbourhood to help their kids master the subjects, skills and exams that matter to them. Click here to see more info about Tuteria

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