5 Ways 9ijakids Can Help Your Online Learning

5 Ways 9ijakids Can Help Your Online Learning

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The reality of Covid-19 pandemic has forced schools to opt for a way out especially with the third term resumption on the line. With the increasing number of cases being detected by the NCDC, resumption may be the least in line of actions. Because learning must continue, the demand for E-learning/Online learning has been on the rise. It is not hard to see why. E-learning/ online learning is a viable option to ensure continuity and help teachers access remote education resources and support during quarantine.

For schools, the key to make this a success is finding creative ways to keep kids engaged and learning. This is necessary because kids generally have a rather low attention span. As such, anything that comes with a touch of fun activities will keep them sit for long, engaged and glued to the learning process.

This is one area where 9ijakids comes in. With over 200 fun learning games currently running on the 9ijakids application, schools and parent can tap into this as a veritable tool for making the kids learning experience worthwhile. We have designed the games in a way that makes learning about any subject fun and engaging for children.

Here are few reasons 9ijakids is suitable for kids online learning:

1. Retention rates are higher with our fun learning games; With more engaging multimedia contents, more control over the activities and the point-based system, kids are more likely to retain knowledge. This is where the power of hands-on learning comes in which gives credence to the quote by Benjamin Franklin ‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn’

2. 9ijakids games are curriculum based and thus will surely cover most of the contents in your lesson notes; For every topic that is being taught in the classroom for instance, there is a corresponding game for it.  Schools can send a schedule of topics to parents too and their corresponding games to guide the learning.

3. The games are assessment based and can therefore reduce distractions; One of the great things about 9ijakids application is that the games are assessment based and in quiz form. This can become more of an ongoing process. This is fantastic for kids as interspersing multimedia contents and questions on various subjects can improve their engagement. Overall retention of the content will also be improved.

4. Instant Feedback; With instant feedback on choice of answers, kids quickly know how they have performed in the games and can then try to be better or study to improve on subsequent trials.

5. Eases Stress for Teachers/Parents; With 9ijakids, teachers and parents alike can set assignment for kids without going through the stress of marking and recording scores. With automatic feedback system, teachers can keep track of the progress with points scored at the end of each subject. This also means they can step in earlier when assistance is needed.

If this sounds like what you want to try out, download the 9ijakids app on any of the mobile stores to get started. Shoot us a mail via Lola@9ijakids.com should you have any enquiry.