Winning Strategies For Back To School

Winning Strategies For Back To School

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School resumes for most on Monday (I can hear shouts of joys ? from the parents and groans from the children) and it’s time to get the kids ready for back to school. Here are a few tips that has helped me avoid those first week arguments and frustrations.

1. Introduce a Bedtime Routine – At the minimum a week before school starts get them back into an earlier bedtime routine.

2. Waking Earlier– Start waking your child(ren) at the time they will need to get up for school.

3. Early, Early Night– The night before the first day of school let them go to bed very early. If normal bedtime is 8pm, let them sleep at 7.30pm.

4. School Messages – Time to check and read all the emails/messages from school that was earlier ignored

5. Prepare for School Supplies – Start now to pick up on all school supplies – snacks, stationery, lunch bags, school bag, etc.

6. Back to School Clothing– Go over your children’s clothing now. You will be surprised at what is missing, torn or out grown. Don’t forget trip to the barber/salon.

7. Waking Up The Brain – Two weeks to school, start to introduce worksheets, reading and writing to help them prepare for school work. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

8. New Term Goals – Review their last term assessment reports/results to determine areas to work on with their class teacher and have a discussion with your child.

9. School Day Routines– Plan out school day routines. Time to wake, eat, go to school, do homework, house chores, play and go to bed.

10. Finalise Logistics – Don’t forget to check you have covered pickup and drop off arrangements, carpooling details, after school activities, etc

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