Will Homeschooling Become The New Normal?

Will Homeschooling Become The New Normal?

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My bother-in-law was telling my sister that since she works from home, he thinks it will be a good idea if they homeschool their children going forward.

People are predicting that homeschooling will become a trend. Hhmm, as an entrepreneur and working mother, juggling work, and family, I am like “please give me full blown school any day pretty please”.

Has it been all bad with the kids at home in the past 8 weeks? No!! I have enjoyed the bonding time, teaching them all the stuff I hadn’t gotten round to doing. But would I exchange school for homeschooling? My personal answer is a resounding No. I love my kids but full-time homeschooling is a No for me.

Most parents across all income groups are struggling with homeschooling. Apart from the challenges, most parents are not satisfied with the level of engagement and “live” teaching/learning that is being done.

For working parents, school solves two problems – it provides childcare for the time you are at work and it provides an education. For this group of parents, homeschooling is not a solution.

So, while we patiently wait for schools to open, we will make lemonade from lemon with homeschooling. This is one of the reasons I am passionate about fun learning; teaching children using educational games. Games are something that children can spend hours on. So, if we can infuse learning into games – it’s a win win situation. Children are busy and happy learning, working parents can have some undisturbed time to work.

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