What if Your Child Asks Where Do Babies Come From?

What if Your Child Asks Where Do Babies Come From?

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“Mommy, where do babies come from?”

This is the question that made my heart skipped a bit when i was carrying my second child’s pregnancy. My son beside me in the bedroom suddenly put the question to me. I do not doubt the fact that the question may have been spurred by my baby bump. Naturally kids are curious, and every parent will at one point in time be faced with this kind of question or a similar one.

So why is this question such a big deal for many parents? 

Well the fact that you don’t have a ready answer and you are not even sure how to explain such a complicated process to a little child is enough to make you feel a tad uncomfortable. In most cases, your first instinct may be to turn to fairy tales lol, but experts say don’t worry. If your toddler pushes such a question to you, “You absolutely don’t need to go there,” says Debra Laino, a sexuality educator. This is so because Toddlers do not have the abstract thinking ability to comprehend all that revolves around sex.


According to Miriam K.Horn , a  psychologist in New jersey, United states of America advises parents to answer children’s questions in simple terms and then wait for the next question. For your toddler, you don’t have to assume that they really want to know, they are just curious and not necessarily asking you to talk about sex. As you answer the first, “They will guide you to how much detail to give them.”

What to say at each age?

Ages 3-4

Response to kids around this age can be as simple as telling a story about seeds and germination. You do not need to go deeper by talking about sex and all that relates to it. Your child will quickly relate to it if he or she has seen seeds grow into plant.

Ages 5-7

If this question is coming around this age, you can explain sexual intercourse albeit mildly especially if the child asks for more information. You could start by saying its part of adult life when they are married.  Find a visual book at the library or a bookstore that show how a baby grows in the womb

From 8 and Above

At this point, give more information. This is necessary because you want to be your child’s source for accurate information especially as it concerns the subject matter. They’ll go somewhere else for the facts of life if they don’t get them from you.

I hope this helps. To take basic sex education more serious with your child , download 9ijakids app now on your child’s tab or your device and let them play our protecting my body game and other fun educational games . Share this article with other parents on your network by clicking the share button below .