Ready to Make Your Child a STEM Super Hero?

Ready to Make Your Child a STEM Super Hero?

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2019 is my year of raising the bar in my intentional parenting and STEM is one focus area. Why you may ask?

I worry if my son is achieving the right balance between getting excellent grades, really understanding the topic and the love of learning. Grades and test results are the huge focus in education today, which hinder kids from getting enough of the inspiring hands-on learning that leads to lasting interest.
I hope you can join on our journey to demystifying STEM and have fun doing it. 

One of the first thing I decided in our STEM challenge is to visit more museums when we go on vacation. Museums you say?  I used to have the same feeling till I visited the Children’s Museum in Houston. My husband and I were like two kids given a blank cheque in a candy store.  The pulley I struggled to learn in secondary school finally made sense when I saw it in action.

Museums offer opportunities to learn about the history of technology, how things were made. So on your next vacation to London, make sure you visit some museums – Science Museum, British Museum, Natural History Museum to name a few others.
Taking a cue from what my kids are covering this term (Materials, Forces in Action, Electricity, etc), here are the first five STEM experiments we will be kicking off

  •    Sink or Float with Oranges
  •    Rain in a Jar
  •    Making a Bottle Rocket
  •    Making Rainbow Rubber Egg
  •    Building your Paper Plane

If you would like to join our STEM Challenge – Click below to download our free eBook with the first 5 experiments of our STEM journey.

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