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Launch your own rocket, fly your paper plane or make your own rain. These  STEM experiments are simply fun. An awesome way to learn more about science, practice creative thinking and have FUN! FUN!! FUN!!!.


Our first STEM Activities ebook covers:

  • The Bottle Rocket: Make your own rockets and see it take off.
  • Rainbow Rubber Egg: A fun experiment to make naked eggs that are bouncy.
  • Sink or Float Orange: Would an orange float or sink? Tricky one. Lets find out.
  • Rain in a Jar: Let’s make rain in a jar as we explain how rain forms in a fun way.
  • Build a Paper Plane: Build and fly your paper plane as far as possible.
  • Magic Balloon: Lets have fun with balloons.

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“Creativity Is Just Connecting Things. When You Ask Creative People How They Did Something, They Feel A Little Guilty Because They Didn’t Really Do It, They Just Saw Something. It Seemed Obvious To Them After A While. That’s Because They Were Able To Connect Experiences They’ve Had And Synthesize New Things.” - Steve Jobs

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