How to Raise Your Son TO Become A Great Husband

How to Raise Your Son TO Become A Great Husband

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I stumbled on this quote somewhere You are not just raising your son, you are raising a man that will become someone’s husband in the future” and somehow I was touched as a mother. Personally, I think I am on the right part as a super mum that I am lol. It brings so much joy to my heart to know that my ten-year-old son always looks after his little sister whenever I am busy with chores. No doubt, he is just a child himself, but he is beginning to show a good sense of responsibility as a child. As parents, we cannot afford to ignore that conscious and intentional efforts it requires to groom a male child. We often prioritise moral teachings, cultural, and social training for the female child to prepare her for the gender role as a wife and mother while neglecting the fact that male children also need this moral, social and cultural upbringing.

With valentine in the air, it’s a good time to remind us that our sons are definitely someone’s future valentine, someone’s sweetheart and life partner. So how do you want to prepare your son to become that prince charming for his future wife? Here are a few things you must teach your son to prepare him ahead. It’s never too early.

Teach him to look out for others

It is important that we as parents teach our son’s ability to look out for others, it could be their siblings or friends or classmates. Looking out for others is the act of showing compassion and care. These habits of caring for the needs of others will translate into helping him to be a good husband to his wife someday.

Teach him to give compliments

Women love to receive sweet heartwarming compliments. Teach Your sons to be appreciative and the habit of complementing in the most appropriate way. Teach them to make people feel good about themselves. His future wife will thank you for this.

Teach him the act of forgiveness

It is important that we teach our sons to forgive. People will always hurt them or make them sad it could be from their earliest form of Interaction with siblings or friends, classmates and so on. A great husband needs to learn the act of forgiveness, he should be willing to forgive his wife and children when they do something that causes hurt or harm.

Teach him Empathy

Teaching your son to be empathetic is important because it helps him understand how others are feeling so as to respond appropriately to the situation. Empathy is a social behavior that will in turn help your son when he becomes a father and husband. It also prevents your son from doing things that are hurtful to others. These traits could also help in relations with his playmates, during field sports and games with his peers. They serve as a foundation for becoming a good spouse.

Teach him to apologize

We need to teach our sons to apologize and take responsibility for their actions and wrongdoings. Apologies help rebuild relationships and this is an important trait a good husband must exhibit.

Help him master domestic duties

Knowing how to do domestic duties perfectly is a necessity. Doing one’s own laundry, washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning your space, sweeping, and dusting are skills that are not gender specific. Most wives today are overwhelmed with excess work in the house such as chores and other home management.  This is not supposed to be so, it should be more like a teamwork. So equip your son to be a good team player.

Train your son to master the act of Personal hygiene

We should not limit personal hygiene teachings and training to our daughters alone. Hygiene is everyone’s business. Teach him how to tidy up his personal space, do laundry, take his bath and so on. Every woman likes her man to smell nice and look nice as much.

All these in check means that your boys will grow to become every woman’s Mr Right because you have carefully molded a man every woman prays to have.  So go ahead and share this article and help other parents raise the right men.