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Loving is a decision, so we have to extend acts of love to even people who do not appear to deserve it ”Chikamadu Onyewuchi”

Dear Jachimike, it’s mum

How are you doing in school? Trust you have submitted all your assignments and assessments.

I can imagine there’s a lot of excitement with 14 February around the corner.  Your school has already communicated new ways of celebrating that ensure COVID 19 protocols are adhered to.  Who would have thought that 1 year would make such a huge difference in our lives – I can still remember all the fun and excitement at the PTA’s Val Funfair last year.

This just goes to drive home the point that the only constant thing is Change – look at little you now a teenager!

So, beyond the white and red outfits, teddy bears and chocolate etc. and the very obvious balloons and decorations in shops and restaurants, Valentine’s day is simply a day about love; love for God, yourself, family, friends, others etc.  Some people seem to struggle with accepting the celebration of Valentine’s day because of its origin but personally, I don’t have a problem with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day BUT know without a shadow of a doubt that we do not have to wait a whole year to celebrate love. Love is not reserved for a specific day or celebrated in a particular way as love must be a way of life. Every single day arms us with an opportunity to express love for each other and all collectively contribute to making the world a better place.  Can you imagine how much saner the world would be with more love everywhere?

Love is kind, patient, does not boast, is forgiving and very surprisingly a decision. I can see you rolling your eyes so will just keep it super simple…I am truly blessed to have you and love you so so much.

My Jay, it’s important you understand that you must love yourself; this means taking care of yourself and all that you consider important (family, friends, PS5 console, games, shoes, books etc.).  You have to constantly remind yourself that you are for signs and wonders, a super achiever, a strong and brave boy.  You have to focus on being the best as the sky is only just the starting point.  Ensuring you complete house chores is an act of love, pushing yourself to ensure you adhere to laid down rules at home such as keeping your room tidy, clearing the dinning table and being ready for Church early is an act of love.  

Your relationship with others is also very important – we show love by the way we interact and speak to each other, family members, friends, school mates, teachers, complete strangers and the list goes on and on. A word of kindness, encouragement or a greeting is surely an expression of love. And it doesn’t even cost us anything to do that!

Loving is a decision so we have to extend acts of love to even people who do not appear to deserve it.  Remember, love does not keep records of wrong.

Saying I love you does not even begin to express how I feel.

Love as always,


Written by Chikamadu Onyewuchi

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