How to Cope with First Day of Pre-School

How to Cope with First Day of Pre-School

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If you have a toddler who is just starting school, then this is for you. For every parent, the first day your child goes to school be it day-care, preschool or kindergarten, I can tell you how it feels just before you start feeling it really because I have been there, I have done that as well. It can be fraught with mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness, anticipation and even some sadness (for both of you). Especially the feeling of Releasing your child on their first day of school after you have raised them through four tiring years to the hands of unfamiliar teachers. If you are in this position next week, this one is for you.


Leave on time, don’t linger

I have seen parents on their child’s first day at school getting all steeped in emotion. When they drop off the kids, they linger and even try to pet the child as he/she cries. Yes, the temptation to linger is always high but trust me, its  a bad idea to. The quicker you leave, the easier it will all be – many will stop crying immediately once their parents are out of eyesight


Stick to a Routine
Draft out a plan for the first day and stand by it.  This has a way of working well for your little one because he/she gets used to the routine easily.  Your plan could either be to sing some nursery rhymes to him/her every morning  before dropping off or a special kiss. Making this a constant practice definitely guarantees success  every morning and reduces the morning sadness.


Plan a nap ahead for your child

Don’t be fast to schedule after school activities for your child. at least save that for a while. Your little one will probably be exhausted after their first day and still be struggling to adjust to the new routine. so, a nap isn’t a bad idea at all. Make time for this in your own schedule. Etc


Trust the Teacher

As much as you want to call to check up, you might want to reduce your calling to 30 minutes or an hour after dropping him/her off and understand that your child is in a safe hand after all you chose the school because you trust the staff and teachers.    Know that they are professionals and will do everything possible to comfort your child. Make sure the teacher has at least two correct numbers to call you, nothing is going to happen of course but then just in case.


Be on time for pick up

It’s the first day in school and you don’t want to keep your child waiting and anxious while other parents are picking up his mates.  If pickup is at 12:30, then be there at 12:30! It’s just another way to demonstrate to your child that mom is trustworthy and this on the other hand builds healthy bond that create a sense of self-confidence in your child.  Make the first day enjoyable memorable for him/her. Sing a special song as you walk or drive home.