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My house help has refused to resume since the yuletide break.  I was already considering whether it is safe to bring her back for now because of the pandemic but it appears she has also decided to stay back for safety reasons.  I have been hunkered down with chores and a series of activities in the house, trying to put things in place and supervising my kids ‘virtual classes.  And now with everyone isolating as best as they can, I have asked myself again, should I hire a new house help?

While the pandemic is still a concern, you may be wondering when it will be safe for your housekeeper to return to work or to hire someone to clean your home. If the work is getting to you just like me and you see a need to hire a supporting hand, with the right precautions, it may be safe to do so.

These are 6 tips to consider before hiring a house help.

Use a reliable source or agent

Make Sure to use a reliable and reputable source or agent. Don’t be in haste to hire a house-help and then go settle for just anybody, rather take it upon yourself to go through a reputable and reliable agency. This helps for future references. You can as well ask for a referral or possibly look for reviews online on the agent you plan to settle for and see what people are saying about them.

Make background checks

Background checks are particularly important.  The Agency used most times provides all necessary background information, but it will cost nothing if you could go the extra mile in getting more information if not for anything but for safety sake. Background checks should not be underestimated, request for referees like previous employers’ testimonials and so on.

Get Medical Records

Medical Records should not be overlooked. Consider doing HIV test, Hepatitis B and pregnancy test if you are hiring a female. Other medical tests should be taken to ensure the person you are hiring is healthy and fit for work.

Conduct an Interview

Make Sure to interview your potential help, ensure to ask for certain important and detailed questions, this helps you understand his or her strength and weaknesses also the interview is the first bonding period, so you get to know if he or she is the right person you are looking for.

 Personality check

Personality test should be considered most necessary because your help will have more interaction with your kids and it is necessary to be sure that they are in safe and reliable hands. I am sure you would not want a person with a short temper help with house chores or supervise your kids.  Check for tolerance, honesty, and good composure. These traits are particularly important when considering getting a house help.

Ensure your help is not ignorant to the fact that there is a pandemic and is also aware of all the covid-19 precautionary measures.

Other safety precautions to put in check include;

Provide mask and gloves for the house help.

Emphasize on good personal hygiene

Avoid sharing food/drinks, utensils, and toiletries

Practice social distancing

Disinfect after every cleaning session

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