Back to School Tips for Teachers

Back to School Tips for Teachers

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While the school year officially starts on Monday for many schools, many others still have another one week before they get back to business. So as usual, getting back to work after an approximately two months break isn’t going to be all that rosy, so we’ve pulled together some back-to-school tips for teachers to help you have the best back-to-school season.


  1. Set the tone for the school year with a welcome letter to parents via email or social media. A welcome newsletter will help parents know to expect and answer a lot of questions upfront.


  1. Make sure your name is written on the whiteboard and be sure to introduce yourself right away, so students can hear it spoken aloud.


  1. Organise welcome packs for your students that include your welcome letter to the kids and important resources they’ll need, as well as a couple of “fun” materials.


  1. Familiarize yourself with any new technology your school may be rolling out for the new school year. Also ensure all required resources, stationery are good to go.


  1. Organise your classroom calendar and make a birthday chart.


  1. Have your first week of lesson plans ready to go. Use the week to set your routines, rules, expectations.  Get to know your students with different activities—in-class and homework.


  1. Set your rules by creating a clear discipline plan, a method for carrying out the plan and the consequences for following and not following the rules.


  1. Have your ice breaker activities planned to help students get to know one another and start building a relaxed, community atmosphere in your classroom.


  1. Don’t forget to start the new school year on a smiling note. Receive every student with a smile and a kind word.