6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Children’s Day While at Home

6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Children’s Day While at Home

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“Mummy are you going to take me to my favourite restaurant on children’s day” Micheal asked.

One of the most special days of the year is children’s day, which is dedicated entirely to kids. It is a day that is unique and gives every child the opportunity to make lifelong memories.

With the coronavirus situation which has deprived children of the usual fun, they have on Children’s Day.

As a parent, you probably want to plan something special and unique this year. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here is a list of fun ways to celebrate children’s day while at home:

1. Home Picnics: Celebrate the special day with your kids with juice, snacks, chin-chin, donuts, and your child’s favourite food. Everybody loves picnics, but children’s day picnics are all about family and spending time with your kids.

2. Dance Party: Dancing is fun there is absolutely no doubt about that. A great way to celebrate children’s day is to put on some of your kid’s favourite songs and dance it out with them, with ice cream and their favorite foods to experience a truly magical bonding experience with your kids.

3. Movie Marathons: Organise a movie marathon for your kids, screening of their favourite movies, popcorn, and ice cream to cuddle under with them. These are the children’s day memories that last, and they are the ones that are the most special.

4. Cooking Fun: Sometimes, being a part of their favourite food preparation makes the day special. Have your kids join in making food, snacks, etc. Once you’re done, sit with them and have a small party where you eat their special foods, cookies, snacks, telling their favourite stories, and have fun.

5. Pizza Party: Order your children’s favourite pizzas. You can make the night a little extra special with different flavours of pizza. Ensure the pizza is accompanied by games to make the night a bit extra special.

6. Engage them with activities like arts and crafts: Crafting is also a good means of bonding with children. Doing crafts such as painting with them unleash their creativity. Showing love and having a fun-filled moment with them also makes the day fun and memorable.

Children’s day is one of the best days of the year for kids. It should be filled with fun, excitement and joy.

Ensure that this children’s day, the activities you plan are safe and unique. It just has to be special for your kids.

Have a FUN filled children’s day with your kids!!!