5 awesome BENEFITS OF READING ALOUD to your kids

5 awesome BENEFITS OF READING ALOUD to your kids

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Reading aloud to your kids has a myriad of benefits you most likely don’t know. As a Parent, helping your child develop a love of reading early on builds the foundation they need to develop strong literacy skills, which can help set them up for success throughout their lives. 

Additionally, it helps kids become more attentive and confident readers while also helping parents identify a possible learning difficulty such as dyslexia and eventually helps them act early on for extra support the kids need.

Other benefits include;

  • Improves comprehension skills; We have heard teachers say comprehension is a difficult skill to teach but reading aloud provides a better and easy alternative for helping kids internalize words and understand them. Because reading aloud involves active learning as against reading alone, it makes it a lot easier for kids to ingest the information.
  • Strengthens concentration skills; Generally, kids have low attention span and typically don’t like to sit still and listen but reading aloud presents a chance for them to pay keen attention. Read along stories for instance make them pay full attention because they do not want to miss what happens next. The characters, colours and voice prompts translate to longer attention spans, and better memory retention.
  • Develops vocabulary development for better communication skills; When kids read aloud either through read along stories or reading together with parents, they are exposed to numerous vocabularies, speech patterns and enunciation. This exposition improves their communication skills
  • Strengthens your child’s power of imagination; Reading aloud helps kids visualize the book’s events in their mind which helps them create stories from their own imaginations. With story books, children can experience events and situations that are external to their personal experiences.
  • Promotes love of books: Away from the universal fact that readers are leaders, a recent study suggests that readers are the best people to fall in love with lol! So, don’t you want your child to be in this category of people?

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