10 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Bad Grades

10 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Bad Grades

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I recently observed that my neighbour’s daughter doesn’t seem to care about red flags in her report sheet, and her mother is constantly addressing the issue, usually with screams and threats. The other time, she didn’t open her homework throughout the day and later in the day, I heard her mother screaming as usual with various threats.

I believe several parents are struggling with similar realities. Though sometimes it might look overwhelming like every problem, having a step by step plan on what to do is usually a good place to start.

Each child is different, and they learn differently. Some children are visual learners, while others are auditory. Some grasp things quickly, while for others is a more slow and patient approach. Once you identify this, with consistent hard work and encouragement, you will be amazed at the positive turnout of events.  There is no substitute for hard work – Over 80% of kids with unsatisfactory grades are due to a lack of proper and consistent studying.

Here are a few more tested tips to transform that F to at least a B or even an A.

1. Understand your child and their best learning styles

2. Identify any challenges your child might be facing (sometimes it could be not seeing the board or afraid to ask the teacher questions)

3. Review your child’s notes and homework (know what they are learning and proactively identify challenges/areas that need extra reinforcement)

4. Set specific (& realistic) goals and targets

5. Work with their Teacher(s) on problems areas

6. Make studying fun. (9ijakids offers good solutions for retention. There is a game for every subject, and with this, it’s a blend of fun and learning)

7. Organise extra coaching (get a tutor if need be)

8. Schedule consistent study time and stick with it (10 sums a day keeps the grades up, lol)

9. Offer positive encouragement

10. Reward positive performance