What Do Parents Really Want from their Child’s School?

What Do Parents Really Want from their Child’s School?

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The first step in exceeding your customer expectation is to know those expectations.

– Roy H Williams

The secret to making any parent happy is to always exceed their expectations. But what are their expectations? How can you exceed it if you don’t know what it is?

As a school owner, do you know what your parents want?

Parents’ expectations vary from school to school and are usually not static. It’s important to know what it is.

Here is our take on some typical expectations of parents:

1. Rigorous Learning: Most parents want a rigorous curriculum. They want to know that their children are learning all that is required to succeed in life. 21st Century skills are changing which is why parents are increasing demanding for inclusion of CODING, STEM, use of technology etc in the curriculum.

2. Quality teachers: Parents are particularly concerned about the quality of a school’s teachers. They know that the teacher is one of the most important factors in a child’s education. And you cannot give (teach) what you don’t have.

3. Safe and positive environment: School environment that is safe from accidents, injuries, bullying, drug usage, harassment, friendly and foster positive children is what every parent wants from their school.

4. Good and quality facilities: Classroom facilities, playground facilities, laboratory facilities, libraries, and other digital learning facilities make it easy for children to learn effectively are major parts to look out for parents.

4. Extracurricular activities: These activities play a major role in building a strong team spirit among children, bring out talents and capabilities in every child. Activities such as sports, swimming, dance, chess, and lots more. Having these extracurricular activities are really important and essential in building good skills in children.

5. School’s reputation: This is highly important for parents and there are several reasons for this. If the school has operated for years and ran programs that have proven to be successful over the years it is a great thing for the parents. They would know that their kids are in great hands.

6. Strong home/school communication: Every parent wants to know what is happening in their education and school environment. They don’t want to be unaware, a lot of communication, the flow of information. Communication should be a 2-way form and ensure to get feedbacks.

7. Individual attention given to students: Parents want to feel confident that teachers will notice treat their children as an individual. They want to know that the teacher give each child attention and will notice and take action should any problem arise. They don’t want their children to be a number but to be treated as individual based on the individual strengths, personalities, and challenges

8. Use of technology: Technology is everywhere today and the 21st Century child needs to be comfortable and familiar with using technology. Increasing parents expect the school to have technology, use it and teach children how to use various technology devices and software.

Technology is not about the device or tool but what it is used to enable and support. In the classroom, technology can be used to support learning using tablets and computers. One of the best ways to use technology in your school is to ensure it has the right educational content.

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