Want Your Child to Be Successful? Then You Must Do These 10 Things

Want Your Child to Be Successful? Then You Must Do These 10 Things

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It was a standing ovation for Shola who emerged as the overall best students of the year in his class after receiving several awards. And it was not just in academics – he was an all-rounder – Sports, Academics, Extracurricular and a Published Author.

Every parent in the room was asking themselves the same question “What do I need to do to help my child succeed?”  Of course, every child is different and has different gifts but how do you make them reach their potentials?

It is every parent’s dream that their children succeed in life. Success doesn’t just happen. It is intentional. The truth is every successful child is driven by intentional parents/guardian.

According to a handful of research findings, here are some of the things parents of successful children do:

There are 10 things parents of successful children do:

1. Instill a Growth Mindset: Parents of successful children make them believe that their most basic abilities and skills are not fixed from birth but can be developed through hard work and dedication.

2. Set Goals: They teach and encourage their children to set goals and achieve them. A skill that becomes applicable in their adulthood. Have you set goals for your child this year? And goals are not only in academics.

3. They make their kids do chores: Research shows that when children are given chores at an early age, it cultivates in them a sense of responsibility, self-reliance and mastery.

4. They have high expectations: Modelling and demonstrating high expectations for their children as well as themselves encourages children to rise to the occasion and work hard to meet their goals.

5. Spend Quality Time: Children who spend quality time bonding and have a secure foundation with their parents become more successful. Expensive gifts should never replace quality time. And it is quality over quantity.

6. Teach Social Skills: Successful parenting ensures that children learn to be cooperative in their peer-to-peer relationships. They are more likely to earn a college degree in early adulthood and become more successful. Communication is a key skill for the 21st Century child.

7. Allow Them To Fail: A parent’s job is to manage and minimize risk. Hanging back and giving children room to fail may seem counter-intuitive and difficult, but it is essential in developing their character, resilience and overall competence.

8. Foster Can-do Attitude: Encouraging kids to stick with things that are difficult or unpleasant sets them up for success later in life. Mental toughness and a “can do” attitude are critical for children to have firmly in place well before reaching adulthood.

9. Help Children Identify Their Own Strengths: Over-parenting hinders a child’s development of independence and permissive parenting robs kids of integrity, direction and the ability to focus and commit. Children need to be able to identify their own strengths, weakness, preferences and dislikes.

10. Teach Math early on: The paramount importance of early math skills in school with a knowledge of numbers, number order, and other rudimentary math concepts is one of paramount importance. “Mastery of early math skills predicts not only future math achievement, it also predicts future reading achievement.

Successful children turn into successful adults and neither happens by accident. Successful parenting is deliberate and intentional. Intentional parents set goals and high expectations for their children.

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