My Son’s Future Valentine

My Son’s Future Valentine

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I look at my son who is just 10yrs, and valentine currently means little or nothing to him. I know in a few years he will join the ‘Valentine Love Train”. I can’t help but wonder about his future girlfriend/spouse. This thought sometimes frightens me because apart from accepting Jesus as His Lord and Saviour, this is the next most important decision he will make that guarantees a good and happy life. I want above all for it to be the right decision. With increasing rates of divorces, spouses killing each other, depression, dysfunctional homes and children, I am scared.

Instead of scaring myself to death, I have decided to take charge of what I can control. I can help groom my son to be the best gentleman he can be to make one lady so proud in the future. And pray, that some other Mother out there is doing the same for her daughter.

So here are my 10 tips to raising a gentleman that will one day be someone’s special (and envious) Valentine.

  • Teach him to fear God
  • Teach him to respect and defend women
  • Teach him to lead and not follow
  • Teach him courtesy (“hello,” “goodbye,” “please,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome) including opening doors and giving up your seats for others
  • Teach him to be honest and let his word be his bond
  • Teach him to be generous
  • Teach him be a gracious loser
  • Teach him about hard work and helping others
  • Teach him to control his temper
  • Teach him humility

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