How Knowledgeable Are Your Kids About Protecting Their Bodies?

How Knowledgeable Are Your Kids About Protecting Their Bodies?

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The long vacation is almost here , the kids are going to be spending more unsupervised time at home with nannies, domestic helps, drivers,  uncles, aunts and cousins.  Have you spoken to them about sex education and protecting their bodies?

Many parents find it difficult to teach their kids sex education and most times they rather just leave it until later when the children are a little older. But the truth is, it is never too early to take them through minor but important  lessons  about protecting their bodies .

Let me share with you a story i read online recently .

Little Ebun Joseph (not real name) was given a rude introduction into the meaning of sex in the most unimaginable way. And it stemmed from what was supposed to be a seemingly harmless question.

“Daddy, what is sex?” The little girl asked one day after school and the father who is a clergy, hushed her up gently but firmly. He told her she was not supposed to mention such a word in the house again.

The inquisitive little girl sulked up to her mother and asked the same question. She got a similar response.
The next day, still unsatisfied by the answers given by her parents, Ebun asked her mother’s driver as he drove her to school

“Uncle, what is sex?” In a moment of surprise, the driver’s mood was twisted by morbid fascination. He warned her not to tell her parents what he was about to teach her. The little girl innocently agreed.

He decided to ‘show’ her the meaning. He raped her. She was just six years old at the time. The little girl was too scared to tell her parents. She went through that ordeal until she was 15, without the knowledge of her parents.

Invariably, if parents fail to teach their children sex education, they are most likely going to learn about it somewhere else and of course an opportunity to instil family values in them will be lost.

A child’s exposure to information about sex begins much earlier than many parents imagine. The disadvantage of not teaching kids sex education is that parents will have little control over what and how they learn about sex.

At 9ijakids, we believe that when a child is knowledgeable and adequately equipped with the appropriate sex education, it reduces the chances of  the child being sexually abused. Our sex education game –Protecting Our Bodies can complement your effort in educating your kids about how to protect themselves , know what a bad touch is and what to do when necessary.

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