four ways to get children to effectively learn

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One of the key ways to promote effective learning for kids is by adding some fun elements. If children (no matter their age) aren’t having fun while learning, then their chances of retaining what they have learnt and thirsting for more knowledge as they grow would diminish.

Today’s world doesn’t need children who get straight ‘A’s but children who are curious, creative, think critically and use prior learning to solve practical problems. How do we get children to love learning enough to want to learn, to retain what they have learnt, apply what they have learnt and go a step further to be creative about it?

 The key ingredient is FUN LEARNING

Here are four strategies to make learning fun for children.

1. Games: What can be more fun than a good game? Turning any lesson into a game most definitely makes learning fun. From jeopardy, to guess that word, a card game, a football game – the possibilities are endless.

2. Incorporate technology: Think about it when children are home, what are they doing? Watching TV, playing video games, playing on their tablets or iPads. Children love technology, so the perfect way to make learning fun is to incorporate technology. From documentaries, short videos to educational apps, there are many ways to incorporate what they love i.e “technology” in their learning.

3. Conduct experiments: Experiments are fun and engaging. The best way to make a lesson practical, FUN and hands-on is using experiments. Learning about states of matter from melting ice cream is an unforgettable lesson.

4. Fun activities: Some lessons cannot just be made fun, but you can follow up with a fun activity to make learning fun. So why not include puzzles, word search, crack the code, mazes as part of the lesson to make it fun?

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