Help Your Child Stay Focused and Engaged During Online Learning

Help Your Child Stay Focused and Engaged During Online Learning

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John sit down there, don’t go there, come back here is the latest routine ever since my son started his online classes from school. From running around the house while his Zoom classes is on to losing focus while learning is a challenge.

I am sure as a parent you have lost count of how many times you have shouted and tried so hard just to get your child to sit still and stay focus for their online classes.

Online learning may seem difficult especially when it is done from home. You cannot always change the circumstances that make it hard to focus. But there are ways to help your child cut through distractions and difficulties to doing school from home.

Here are tips to help your child stay focused and engaged during Online learning:

  1. Have a routine: Try as much as possible to have an organized routine, set a time to get your children to do things earlier on than later.
  2. Limit directions to one at a time: When children struggle with focus, it can be hard for them to listen, remember, and follow through on directions. So, do not overload your child with too many directions at once. Learn ways to break down writing assignments so they find it easy to focus on.
  3. Figure out what works and enforce it: Some children need total quietness to maintain focus, others do better with noise. That is why it is important to ask your child what works best for them. Maybe your child wants to listen to music while doing homework. Give it a try and see how it goes.
  4. Set a timer: Knowing there is a limit to how long they must stay focused makes it easier for children to hang in there. Set a timer for how long your child needs to study before having a quick snack or taking a play break (like screen time), etc. You can increase the amount of time gradually as your child develops focus.
  5. Mix learning with fun activities: Learning needs to be mixed with fun, such as playing educational games like 9ijakids game, solving puzzles, using activity books also add fun to children’s learning.

Let your child know their focus skills can get better, point out even small improvements. Remember to talk about your child’s strengths, not just challenges. Celebrate focus wins, big and small. When kids understand what they are good at, it builds confidence and helps them stay motivated when things get tough.

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