Happy Mother’s Day: A Tribute to My Mother – Written by Our Co-founder @9ijakids

Happy Mother’s Day: A Tribute to My Mother – Written by Our Co-founder @9ijakids

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If you still have a mother, it will do you a lot of good to cherish her and be present in her life. As Mother’s Day approaches, I am so thankful for my late mother.  At the later part of her life as she became old and frail, a role reversal became necessary as i took on the role of Mother to care for her even though she was a small and mighty “dragon lady” back in her hay days.

When I was younger, I always thought in my heart she was my wicked stepmother as the fairy tales led me to believe this could be the only explanation for her “wicked” treatment of me. At least that’s what my childish little heart told me.

However, it was my Mother who ensured I came in and read my books even though all I wanted to do was play outside all day.

It was my Mother who ensured I learnt how to cook by fire and by force. Despite the many burnt offerings I served the family because I got distracted with a novel or watching TV.

It was my mother who taught me moderation and the fact that you don’t cant have all you want. She insisted on our sharing a bottle of coke all the time and would never give you a whole pack of sweets just because you asked.

It was my Mother who taught me discipline and bad behavior has consequences. When badly behaved in school, I could be sure of a beating and further embarrassment in school as she comes charging to my class asking the teacher to give me further punishment. It is her voice ringing in my head that keeps in the straight and narrow road. Indeed there is plenty foolishness in the heart of a child and it really needs the rod of correction to beat it out.

It was my Mother who taught me how to be a lady, comport myself, greet my elders and show I was a well brought up lady. The woman you see today owes a lot to her, she didn’t give up on me. I cant count the number of times I must have frustrated her with my seeming wisdom and cunny ways.

It was my Mother who taught me never to come home with other people’s toys, books and property. As far she was concerned that was stealing, be content with what you have.

It was my Mother who taught me family is important. I saw daily demonstrations of how her family came first. It was my Mother who taught me to balance work with family time and having fun even on a budget. She made so many sacrifices, she took us regularly to the beach, to parks, to parties, etc.

It was my Mother who taught me to juggle income with expenses. As a mother juggling with the bills of raising seven (7) children in both time of plenty and times of none… it was not an easy feat. I saw an industrious woman who balance what my father gave her income with a side businesses.

Back in those days, when we considered some of her actions crazy – she always said “When you are a Mother you will understand”.  Today, I am a mother and I must confess I really now understand and look back and say Thank God for My Mother.

Today as I pass on the lessons learnt to my kids, I pass on Mrs A’s legacy. I say a prayer – May I be like my mother and teach my kids life long lessons that will make them ready to take on the world. If they end up anything like the woman I am today, then I know I have succeeded.

I love you Mummy and thank God for the gift of the best mother for us.
Enjoy your deserved peace with the Lord.

If you still have a Mother, never stop being part of her life. Death is sudden, it hardly ever warns of its coming and when it finally comes, there’s no remedy. Endeavour to be present in her life now that you have all the opportunity to.