8 Ways To Boost Your School’s Brand

8 Ways To Boost Your School’s Brand

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A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and I spotted the school my friend chose for her son. I was curious to know more about the school because my friend is always talking about it. Going through their social media page, I was impressed by the array of activities and achievements of the school. The pictures and videos reflect the different activities the children engage in and I was impressed – judging from the pictures.

If I am to choose a school for my son, I would shortlist this school as a potential school based on what I saw on Instagram and their website. I decided to do a comparison with my son’s school social media pages and website. They did not do a good job of showcasing their facilities, students and achievements.

One of the things that drive school enrolment is the ‘brand”. Every school needs to create and nurture their brand. When it comes to standing out in a competitive school environment, branding can make a significant difference. Apart from increasing school enrolment, it would also allow you to charge a premium.

Here are few tips on how to boost your school’s brand and help you increase enrolment:

  1. Share stories of your school’s history, vision, values, etc
  2. Encourage your students to participate in different competitions e.g. spelling bees, Maths competition, Arts competition, Music competition, Inter-house sports, etc.
  3. Showcase your school’s’ facilities -classrooms, technology room, sport equipment, etc.
  4. Celebrate students’ achievements – at competitions, external and internal exams, etc. Share their transformation and success stories.
  5. Celebrate teachers’ milestones, achievements and success -trainings, teaching methods, etc.
  6. Showcase your students’ extracurricular activities -interhouse sport, price giving day, field trips, fun activities, summer internship, excursions, etc.
  7. Showcase your students’ co-curricular activities e.g. creating new products, community programs, STEM experiments, robotics, science fair, art works, CODING activities, etc.
  8. Post pictures of “students of the week” title to increase parents’ engagement.

To ensure your school brand stands out, contents and communication must always be top notch. Ensure your school’s logo, fonts, imagery, and slogans are consistent across various communication and branding channels – newsletters, social media, newspapers, etc

Remember to clearly convey why any parent would be proud to have their children receive an education in your school.

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