6 Reasons Why Your Child’s Grades Might Be Poor

6 Reasons Why Your Child’s Grades Might Be Poor

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If children are not interested in studying, it is unlikely that they will put in their 100 per cent and thus, will not be able to maximize their full potential.

Here are some reasons for poor grades;

1.    Lack of goals: Success doesn’t just happen. It is intentional. Your child’s grade might be poor because you haven’t set clear goals or you haven’t set high expectations.

2.    Too many distractions: Daydreaming in class, plenty extracurricular, chatty classmates, no routine, endless procrastination with regards to school work. It’s not so much what’s being learned that’s the problem, it’s all the things around that might be distracting the child from learning resulting in poor grades.

3.    Poor vision: One in four school children have undiagnosed vision problems, which can lead to poor performance in the classroom. Your child might not be following in class because he/she can’t see the teacher write notes on the board.

4.    Stress: If you’ve recently moved houses, experienced a death in the family, or had some other kind of large shift in your day-to-day life at home, it can lead to stress which affects grades. Also, bullying can result in poor grades.

5.    Lessons are boring: Children have different learning styles, levels of engagement, and motivation. If your child is a visual learner, the lessons to them are more engaging when watching video lectures on sites like the Khan Academy or your child loves games, educational games like 9ijakids helps to facilitate learning.

6.    Lack of sufficient practice: It takes 400 repetitions to make a new brain synapse. This means that repetition, practise, and study time is important. Over 80% of kids with an unsatisfactory grade are due to a lack of proper and consistent studying. If your child is not getting enough practice time, their grades will be poor.

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