Kids washing hands

6 Fun ways to Teach Hygiene to Kids

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Covid-19 has only showed how maintaining a good hygiene can save us from dangerous health challenges. It is an important reminder for everyone that germs don’t have legs but can be transported from one place to another if we fail to maintain good hygiene.

As we celebrate Global Handwashing Day this week, it is important to note that the simple act of washing hands with soap and water prevent 1 in 3 diarrhea illnesses and 1 in 5 respiratory infections, such as a cold or the flu.

Do you think kids are clean when they are back from school or playground? Is just washing hands with water okay? To keep your kids healthy, it is important to instil smart, healthy habits in them.  

Here are great tricks to help kids master hand washing:

1.) Show and tell: Many young children are visual learners, so make sure you personally demonstrate healthy routines you want them to learn. Participate as often as you can.

2.) Use books and stories: Make sure kids know why good hygiene is important. There are many storybooks and online activities that can teach kids about germs and bacteria, and how washing hands, bathing and brushing can keep them healthy. There are even smartphone apps to help teach about hygiene and track their efforts.

3.) Positive reinforcement: Keep a chart and reward your kids with star stickers every time they properly demonstrate good hygiene. Incentivize them further by offering a reward when they collect a certain number of stickers.

4.) Make it a song: There are songs recommended for handwashing which show children how hand washing is done. The songs also help them remember how effective hand washing is each time they sing the song. The 9ijakids handwashing game is also a fun way to ensure proper handwashing process for children. Click http://bit.ly/9ijakidshandwashing to play the handwashing game.

5.) Make it fun: There are a lot of ways you can make hygiene fun for kids. Buy them soaps, toothpaste, and toothbrushes with their favorite character or fragrance. Try fun activities like making horn noses while blowing their nose, doing dances while brushing or hand washing, and using shampoo to create wacky hairdos.

6.) Stick to routines: Kids thrive on routines. By setting strict morning, night-time and bath time routines, good hygiene will eventually become part of everyday life for them.

Maintaining proper hygiene for children is extremely crucial and helps in keeping germs and diseases away. Certain habits can be practiced as a foundation to ensure health and hygiene for kids. The best way to get your child to understand this is by teaching him/her ways to practice the way they love to learn.

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