5 Ultimate Strategies to Make Your Child Love Learning

5 Ultimate Strategies to Make Your Child Love Learning

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Do you know that any child with the right motivation can become a good learner? We often make the mistake of limiting learning to classroom but the truth is, classroom is just one of the sources. If we truly want to enhance a child’s intellectual, social and academic growth , then learning must extend beyond the walls of the classroom.

How can you make your child love learning? Here are a few tips

  1. Embrace their curiosity.

Why is A like this, why does B look feminine and K looks masculine? Why don’t bananas have seeds? Why do grownups have to work so much? Kids ask too many questions that have no ready made answers or even appear stupid, but they are all ways kids learn.  Kids are excited and curious to know how the world works and why things are the way they are. So as a parent, encourage their curiosity by trying to answer all those questions. It requires a lot of patience as it can be frustrating to answer endless questions.

  1. Help them use their passions and interest

Does your son love football? Does your son love watching TV? How can you turn their passions and interest into a learning experience? You can get football themed worksheets and educational games. You can get educational TV programmes or videos that can capture their attention. Do they love playing games on the app? Does your child love music? Songs and musicals videos are tested and tried ways of making learning fun especially for younger children. What about educational apps and games? Do they love cooking? You can use cooking to learn about measuring and addition, etc Do they love going shopping, you can use things in the Supermarket to teach shape, colour or even Maths about addition and finding change (subtraction).

  1. Provide Hands-on Experience

Learning about road signs or physical and human feature, take your child for a drive and doing “I Spy” to identify roads signs/physical and human features  If your child is learning something new in school, try to find a hands-on and engaging experience to make learning real, relatable and fun. Is your child is learning about aquatic animals, take him or her to see an aquarium, take them to zoos if they are learning about wild animals. Make learning adventurous.

  1. Find your child Learning style

What is your child’s preferred learning style – visual, auditory or kinaesthetic?  My child is a visual learner which means the best way he learns is by visuals. Visuals makes learning fun for him but auditory learning losses him.

  1. Make learning fun through game-based learning

Games create opportunities for deeper learning as well as development of non-cognitive skills – both board games and apps. Playing Snakes and Ladders can be used to learn counting. Monopoly teaches children both about money as well as the various streets in London. Educational games like 9ijakids is a way to make learning and revision fun and engaging.

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