5 Reasons Why You Should Use 9ijakids Games in Your Classroom

5 Reasons Why You Should Use 9ijakids Games in Your Classroom

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#1 It Makes Your Job Easier

A teacher’s job requires a lot of demands and sacrifices. Technology has the ability to make your job easier. No more late nights grading papers when  9ijakids games can give you instant scores on games played, no marking required.


#2 It’s a Great Motivator

Let’s face it, if you put an iPad in front of your students instead of a textbook, your students will be more excited to learn. This is because technology is fun and motivates children.  9ijakids games can be quite the motivator for struggling students.


#3 It Keeps Students Engaged

When technology is implemented into lessons, students who may have been disengaged in the past get excited to participate.  Technology is engaging: fun graphics and games mean that class doesn’t even feel like learning.  Plus, digital technology comes quite easily to many children. When children feel comfortable and confident in what they are learning, and how they learning, they will be more apt to participate in the lesson.


#4 It Provides Local Content

Getting worksheets and activities for geography, Nigerian history/culture is not always easy. A lot of games and activities were made for their local markets – US, England. So learning about the States of Nigeria, Past Presidents, Culture, Festivals, etc can be much easier and more fun with 9ijakids games like StateQuest, Food Challenge, Who Wants to Be a Brainiac, etc


#5 Gives Immediate Feedback

With 9ijakids games, children immediately get feedback on wrong questions and know where they are strong and which areas need to be worked on.


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